Overview of Programs

South Park Inn provides a range of programs and services to assist people experiencing homelessness as they make plans to find permanent housing. Our goal is to provide a safe, temporary place to stay as individuals identify the supports and opportunities that lead to their own, long-term housing solutions.

We are committed to meeting individuals where they’re at in their journey, and invite them to stay for as long as it takes to achieve housing success. Our staff participates in weekly outreach efforts to individuals that are currently living outdoors, providing essential items, and engaging them in conversations about housing options.

Our emergency shelter offers warmth and comfort to 85 men, women and children every night, as they work toward long-term plans. Our respite program is a collaborative effort with Hartford Health Care that offers temporary space for individuals in need of additional time as they transition and recuperate from hospitalization.

South Park Inn works closely with the local, state and federal Veterans’ Administration to identify and place homeless veterans as soon as possible, and to connect them to housing, benefits, and supports.  Plimpton House is a long-term, supportive housing program for adults that benefit from the community, amenities, and structure of a congregate setting to manage their disabilities and higher level needs.